Group Fitness Classes

All classes are $10

Drop-ins are welcome or reserve a spot with a prepaid punchcard.


This class involves some cardio, strength exercises and total core movements.


Burn those calories with jabs, crossovers, uppercuts, and kicks.

Body Worx

This class involves some light cardio with weights, heavier weights for strength, and core strength exercises.


Using Exercise Balls, Buckets and Drumsticks you drum and move to the music. Burn the calories while having fun with a unique way of exercising.

Total Body Tabata

This is an interval style class that works upper body and lower body with weights.

Step Shred15

This class entales cardio, toning and core workout. 15 Minutes of Step, 15 Minutes of Strength with hand weights, and 15 Minutes of Core and Stretching.

Booty Sculpt

This is a Tabata style class which is intervals of 20 seconds of upper body and 20 seconds of lower body. Booty Bands may be used at some of the classes.