Elite Group

Fit Classes

All classes are $10 

Punchcards (10 visits) $100

1 Month Unlimited Class Pass $100

Drop-ins are welcome or reserve a spot with a prepaid punchcard. 

Classes are 45 minutes except for the Lunch Crunch which is 30 minutes


Muscle Mashup

Tuesday 12:30pm

Cardio DrumFit

Tuesday 4:30pm


Tuesday 5:30pm

Total Body Tabata

Thursday 12:30pm

Walk Aerobics

Thursday 4:30pm

DrumFit Mashup

Thursday 5:30pm

Balance & Barre

Come challenge your core with Barre style moves with light weights to tone, tighten and train your body with small but powerful balancing moves.


This class involves some cardio, strength exercises and total core movements. This 30 minute class is broken into 10 minute increments.  10 minutes of cardio, 10 minutes of weights, and 10 minutes of core.


Burn those calories with jabs, crossovers, uppercuts, and kicks.


Using Exercise Balls, Buckets and Drumsticks you drum and move to the music. Burn the calories while having fun with a unique way of exercising. DrumFit Mashup is a mix of Cardio Drumming, weight lifting on the ball, as well as core exercises on the ball.

Total Body Tabata

This is an interval style class that works upper body and lower body with weights. 30 minutes of doing complex moves while working lower and upper body as well as core.


This is a High Intense Interval Training class.  It is a 40/20 second interval class style with weight training and cardio intervals.  You can make this as hard and intense as you want or modify and make it a little less intense if you need. 

Booty Sculpt

This is a Tabata style class which is intervals of 20 seconds of upper body and 20 seconds of lower body.  Booty Bands may be used at most of the classes.

Step, Strength & Stretch

This class is an interval of step and barre style class elongating the muscles with holding positions with light weights and working the muscles slowly and controlled.

Triple Threat Tone

Have fun in this class with intervals of cardio, core and strength while burning massive calories and fat.  Don't let the name intimidate you, everyone works at their own level, but it is nonstop moving.


This class is a High and Low interval class.  The intervals keep you moving between working with weights and cardio.  You definitely don't have time to get bored in this class.

Walk Aerobics

This class is a low impact class that involves walking throughout the whole workout, burning calories, working the whole body with small movements as well as getting about 7,000 steps in.