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Body Worx

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Tuesday 6:30pm


Thursday 5:30pm

Body Sculpt

Thursday 6:30pm

Special Event

Virtual Run/Walk/Bike Challenge

September 1-11

Life Changing Fitness is hosting a virtual run/walk in memory of the 9/11 tragedy that happened now 20 years ago. We all can remember where we were and how we felt when hearing of the twin tours being attacked. This event is in memory and honor of all the people and hero’s who lost their lives that day but also say a thank you to our local police and firefighter hero’s who protect us everyday.

All participants, whether you live close or far, will have 11 days to complete 11 miles by walking, running, biking or crawling on your own time and at your own convenience, on a treadmill, indoor bike or enjoying the outside.

The cost is $30 to participate and the first 100 registered participants will receive a 9 11 tshirt. Proceeds will go back to our local police and firefighter hero’s.