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Countdown to Fitmas

Kickoff begins Thursday, December 1st, 12:30pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm

Christmas Adopt A Family

Life Changing Fitness has the opportunity to bless a local family for Christmas. Please meet Tori and her husband, Jordan. Tori is 24 years old and battling a reoccuring cancer in her left hemipelvis and sacrum area. She had this when she was 2 years old and with a successful surgery she has been cancer free until 5 years ago when she started having some symptoms. She has had multiple surgeries to debulk the tumor that have been unsuccessful and led into some infections as well as a collapsed lung. She has gone through radiation, drug treatment and chemotherapy as well. So please keep her in your prayers for God to heal her and make her whole. Due to all the sickness Tori is enduring, and doctor appointments and travels to University of Michigan hospital, Jordan has taken the role of her caretaker which puts a financial strain and restrictions on what they can afford.

We would like to surprise them with some Christmas blessings and gifts for Christmas, as well as prayers. We have a list of items that Tori needs or even would like that we would like to surprise her with. If you don't live locally, you still can help! Tori has a webpage in which you could order her a gift through Amazon or Target. Go to Any items you purchase through her site will be sent directly to her.

If you would like to help and you live locally but are not training or attending classes, please send us a message with the price range you are looking and we can send you a few items on the list that you could help with. If you would like to donate money of any amount ($1-$100), the accumulation of any monetary amount will allow us to purchase some of the bigger items she needs or help pay some of their bills.

We will be collecting all the items until Monday, December 19th at Life Changing Fitness, 2525 Hospital Road in Saginaw. We would like to surprise her before Christmas with all the items we have collected.

Thank you for helping a family in need and spreading Christmas blessings!