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Core is an important and essential part of our body that we should keep strong and engaged in all we do. The core involves all of our abdominal muscles, our low back as well as our hips. It is the central part of the body that divides the upper body and lower body and is the key to operating them and enforcing more strength to each when needed. When there is an imbalance to one of the areas of the core we tend to suffer weakness and possibly pain in one of the areas of the core.

So join us starting TODAY, in getting that core strong!

February Fit Challenge

Enough with excuses...Join our Fit Challenge for the month of February for $125. This is to encourage getting Fit and healthy by kicking the bad habits away and resetting your mind and body to a healthier you! The challenge will include unlimited weekly classes, a weekly weigh in, daily workout challenges and diet and nutrition plan recommendations. Your weight loss will be measured in percentage form each week from what you started with and hopefully this will keep you away from the cookie jar. Learn more about yourself and your habits by joining us for this "FIT" Challenge: Focus, Intentional in your daily choices, Train your mind on how you want to be. Contact us today if you are interested!

Upcoming Events

Coming in June 2022! Fit Camp 2022! Stay tuned in for details. The video shows a glimpse of some of the things we have done.

Summer Fit Camp

December Fitmas Competition

Countdown to Fitmas Challenge WINNER!

Congratulations to Shelly Kolevar for her hard work in winning the Fitmas Group Challenge. Shelly competed against all individuals who participated in the Countdown to Fitmas Challenge and earned the most points. Awesome job, Shelly!

Countdown to Fitmas Challenge Group Winners!

Congratulations to the Gold Team for working hard against the other 3 teams and winning the overall group Fitmas Challenge.

Client Fitmas Loser WINNER!

Congratulations to Shari Macnowski for winning the overall Fitmas Loser competition between all the Life Changing Fitness personal training clients. Starting the week before Thanksgiving until January 7th the challenge was to stay the same weight or lose and Shari lost a total of 16 pounds. Way to go girl!

Virtual 9-11 Walk/Run/Bike Challenge

We would like to thank Print Express for helping execute the design in my head into a logo for the shirts. We would also like to thank Saginaw Knitting Mills for donating towards the cause and getting the shirts to us quickly.

Thank you to all of our police officers for sacrificing your life daily to keep us safe. We appreciate you so much!

Thank you to all of our fire fighters who risk your life for us to live. We appreciate all you do to keep us safe!

Thank you to all the participants who walked, ran, or biked to make the contributions to our police officers and fire fighters possible.